Tuesday, May 12, 2009

know your hobbies and interests

hi I have listed top 20 most common hobbies and interests. Pls express your hobbies and interests after refering this chart

Ex: I love Reading newspaper, magazines etc
I LOVE Playing cricket, chess

Like this you can prepare list of your hobbies and interests

i request you to suggest some more..

2. Writing
3. chatting
4. swimming
5. watching

6. observing
7. drawing
8. painting
9. travelling
10. listening

11. playing
12. learning
13. meeting
14. cooking
15. browsing

16. blogging
17. singing
18. acting
19. Dancing
20. Hanging out

and so on.
its good to know more about yourself

hello friends

I dont know how to blog, but sometime later i'll fill up this for you.